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You need to take advantage of your gap year to do the things that you have always wanted to do. Consider this time as a way to take a break from your studies and get a taste of what the world has to offer. You can relax in a spa at a place like the spirit health club gloucester. A time like this will not come again once you finish your graduate studies and begin to pay the bills like everyone else.

You can spend your gap year in many places around the world. The options are vast with worldwide flights and holidays, to Africa for example. could open a number of different doors. This could be as much fun as a Bali gap year. In fact, both areas of the world offer unique experiences that you will remember long after you have grown old. You should consider having a taste of one of these cultures before you go back to the real world.

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Fun Activities

Your gap year can be spent in many ways. You can choose to make the year all about fun. Get to see the world and enjoy meeting different people from different cultures.

Bali is a tropical paradise. You can enjoy a lot of beach time, learn all about Thai culture, visit their national parks and reserves and enjoy some of the deep-sea diving lessons on offer. Bali also offers plenty of interesting sites for any history buff. You can also learn how to wrestle like the locals, and even cook like them too. There is a lot to see and do in Bali, and before you know it, your gap year will be over.

You can also take part in an organized safari throughout many of the African countries. Each country offers unique perspectives on how different people live and interact on a daily basis. You will get to see the big five in many of the national parks within the African continent. With Africa being a large continent with over 50 countries, you will enjoy different cultures and lifestyles as well as different ways of entertainment. You can also tour the many historic sites and World Heritage sites that exist in the region.

Volunteer Activities

For both Bali and Africa as a whole, English is a foreign language. If you have any teaching skills, you may want to spend your gap year teaching local students the language. It will be a great way to impart knowledge of your own culture while getting to experience other people's cultures, as well.

You can also opt to travel with a charitable organization as part of your gap year. Different organizations can always benefit from the help of volunteers. You can help feed and educate children, teach adult literacy classes in both Bali and the African continent. You can also volunteer to teach practical skills to rescued abused women and girls in Bali. Many people in some of the war torn countries in Africa would appreciate any help you give then with regard to food, establishing agricultural and housing projects and negotiations for peace.

Both Bali and Africa offer you the opportunity to enjoy a different life experience from what you are used to, while making a positive difference to people's lives.